NetApp Cloud Manager

Solution Overview


Hybrid Cloud Data Management

NetApp Cloud Manager is a hybrid cloud infrastructure, data and services management platform. It enables end to end management of  Cloud Volumes ONTAP and integrates with a number of other NetApp multicloud solutions that include NetApp ONTAP on-prem, NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for AWS , Azure NetApp Files, Cloud Compliance, Cloud Tiering, Cloud Backup Service and more.   


Cloud Manager is built with simplicity in mind. The intuitive web interface simplifies storage tasks by enabling users to do everything from initial CVO deployment to volume provisioning and replication. In a few guided steps, a tenant can dynamically create storage capabilities based on their requirements, upgrade the service for new features, create replication/protection policies and switch out the underlying cloud infrastructure without loss of data or end user migration tasks. 


NetApp Cloud Manager dashboard



Goals & Objectives

This is one of a five part lab series that provide hands on access to the following NetApp Cloud Data Services.

  1. Cloud Manager
  2. Cloud Volumes ONTAP
  3. Cloud Backup Service
  4. Cloud Compliance
  5. Cloud Tiering

By accessing this lab you will better understand the features and functionality of Netapp Cloud Manager.

Hardware & Software


  • FAS2650


  • AFF A300


  • Cloud Manager (AWS, Azure and GCP)
  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP (AWS, Azure and GCP)
  • Cloud Backup Service (AWS and Azure)
  • Cloud Compliance (AWS and Azure)
  • Cloud Tiering (AWS, Azure and GCP)