Solution Overview

NetApp Cloud Sync is a replication and synchronization service that enables efficient data transfers for file and object storage. Use cases include data migration, data transformation, and data synchronization.  Transfers are handled by one or more brokers enabling customers to scale transfer rates based on their requirements. With multiple brokers, parallel synchronization of up to 250GB per hour can be achieved. 

Relationships between similar and dissimilar storage types are supported and conversion is handled natively (I.E. NFS to S3).  Supported storage types include:

  • SMB
  • NFS
  • AWS S3
  • Azure Blob
  • Azure NetApp Storage
  • NetApp Cloud Volumes Service
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS)
  • NetApp StorageGRID

After an initial synchronization, only changed files or objects are replicated.  This solution is a SaaS offering with flexible Pay-As-You-Go Subscription (cloud marketplace) or Bring Your Own License options.  Pricing is based on hourly usage (not capacity), so customers can create short or long term replication relationships that are flexible and scalable.

Lab Diagram