Solution Overview

NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP delivers secure, proven storage management services for your choice of cloud. Leveraging ONTAP software, CVO brings 25 years of developed intellectual property to efficiently manage data in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.



Use Cases

Cloud Volumes ONTAP is software only storage subscription that adds enterprise features for various use cases including:

  • Block (iSCSI) and file (CIFS/NFS) storage services for enterprise cloud workloads
  • Standardized data management across on-premises, colocated and cloud environments
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Storage services for remote offices
  • Distributed file cache
  • Persistent storage for containerized applications
  • Centralized privacy and compliance



  • Non-disruptive, two node high-availability support protects customers from unplanned storage failures in the cloud
  • Data Tiering, Thin Provisioning, Deduplication and Compression minimize storage consumption and cloud resources
  • Enables Data Fabric in your choice of cloud (on-premises, hosted, AWS, Azure and Google Cloud)
  • Same APIs and automation extensibility for ONTAP on-premises and CVO
  • Multi-protocol access is supported by NFS and SMB / CIFS for files and iSCSI for block
  • Data is secured out of the box with built in encryption
  • NetApp enterprise features for data protection, migration and replication are included (Backups, Snapshots, SnapCenter, SnapRestore, SnapLock, FlexClone and native Replication)
  • Orchestrated provisioning for container workloads through NetApp Trident
  • AI based privacy and compliance



CVO doesn't simply run a standard copy of ONTAP built for dedicated hardware in a virtualized environment in the cloud.  It is written to integrate natively with cloud infrastructure, provide cost saving optimizations and provide simple access to data for customer workloads. 


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