Solution Overview

Nutanix software is installed on pre-validated hardware. In this lab, the hardware is Dell XC, which is an OEM relationship between Nutanix and Dell. Nutanix offers a variety of hardware to chose from including:
  • SuperMicro
  • Cisco
  • Dell
  • HPE
  • Lenovo
  • KLAS

Each of these vendors offer slightly different forms of support for customers. OEM solutions will be single vendor support through the chosen platform and software only solutions (such as Nutanix running on top of Cisco) will be Nutanix support as first call, but vendor specific for hardware replacement.

A customer can choose units that are right sized for the needs, which include 1U and 2U options, that have different advantages to meet application requirements. The building block approach to the solution can start with as little as a single node for very small sites, to hundreds for large enterprises. This environment is mostly used for live demo of the Nutanix portfolio and capabilities. No performance testing should be done on this platform.

The Nutanix software which is installed on top of the Dell hardware offers a variety of features that include, but are not limited to:
  • Intuitive HTML5 centralized management
  • Virtual machine management and configuration
  • Storage management and configuration
  • Network management and configuration
  • Detailed environment metrics and analytics

Lab Diagram