Pure Storage FlashArray //X

Solution Overview

The Pure Storage FlashArray is an all flash storage platform that was built from the ground up on flash technology. Its architecture and agile data services help meet the demand today's data center teams modernizing their storage infrastructure. A truly unique design, Pure Storage created its architecture as "stateless," meaning each component of the system can be upgraded to newer generation hardware in the same chassis. FlashArray was built from the ground up on NVMe technology and provides end-to-end NVMe from the server to the storage array using RDMA over converged ethernet (RoCEv2). The design, density and simplicity of the FlashArray gives customers an "evergreen" approach to storage and data management, while helping reduce unnecessary space consumption and cooling requirements in the data center.

Goals & Objectives

This feature and functionality based lab can be launched to gain access to the Purity operating system on a FlashArray //X90R2 System in the WWT Advanced Technology Center.

  • FlashArray //X90R2

The lab demonstrates the leading features of Purity 5 including:

  • Module 1 - WebUI Simplicity
  • Modlue 2 - Purity CLI

This on-demand lab is used to showcase general features and is available for immediate launch in the WWT platform. For a full featured performance testing POC or customized sandbox that is specifically designed to emulate an environment, the lab gear can be reserved and customized according customer's unique requirements. Demos can be scheduled with ATC/GET resources using this lab equipment. Ideally customers can learn how end-to-end DirectFlash Fabric and cloud data management solutions from Pure Storage can help them modernize a legacy data center.

Hardware & Software

Next generation infrastructure that can be reserved in the WWT Flash Lab:

  • Cisco UCS M5/M4 Blades
  • 2 UCS Chassis dedicated to performance testing
  • 3 UCS chassis dedicated to General POC's (400Gb/s uplink)
  • 6454 Series Fabric Interconnects
  • Dell R740/R730 14G Servers (32Gb FC and 25Gb Rnics)

Cisco FC and Ethernet Switching (16/32 - 25/40/50/100 Gbps):

  • Nexus 3232c Pair
  • Nexus 9364 Pair
  • Nexus 93180 Pair
  • MDS 9706 Pair

Pure Storage FlashArray in this lab:

  • FlashArray //X90R2

What's Next?

Learn more about Primary Storage, stay up-to-date with the industry and the new technology we have at WWT.