Pure Storage ActiveCluster Lab

Solution Overview

Welcome to Pure’s ActiveCluster synchronous data storage replication technology. This software stack from Pure Storage enables business critical applications and the machines hosting them the highest possible resiliency to ensure that business operations do not stop in the case of a disaster — either localized or site-wide. Pure Storage helps these scenarios by ensuring the data is always on and always available to the servers requesting the I/O. Achieve zero RPO and zero RTO with ActiveCluster in Purity OS.

Goals & Objectives

In this lab users will gain a basic understanding of how Pure Storage ActiveCluster is setup and functions by actually performing activities in the modules that walk through the lab configuration, initial setup of the array components, ESXi host integration and failure scenarios.

Hardware & Software

  • Two Pure Storage Arrays
  • Virtual Pure1 OVA Instance
  • Three ESXi Servers
  • VCenter
  • Virtual Networking