Qumulo Cluster Lab

Solution Overview

Qumulo was inspired by people like you. Before building the file system, Qumulo conducted thousands of interviews with enterprise data storage users. They told Qumulo of their struggles, their concerns, the annoying things that ruin their day. And they shared their wishlist, desired features, and “what-if” ideas. What Qumulo learned inspired them to rethink what’s possible. Qumulo recognized that legacy scale-out and scale-up storage solutions were not designed to handle today’s data volumes, file types, applications, and workloads. Legacy systems can’t provide the visibility, control and scale that the customers need to manage their data. So Qumulo built something completely different.

Goals & Objectives

The goal of this lab is to give our customers, partners and employees the basic look and feel for the Qumulo File System.

Hardware & Software

This lab runs in the vCloud Director in the ATC.   There are following VM's.

  • 4 Qumulo cluster nodes
  • Windows 10 Jumpbox
  • CentOS NFS client and load generator
  • Windows server 2012 AD server