Rubrik Accelerator for Microsoft Azure (RAMA)

Solution Overview
Whether it’s on-prem or in Azure, Rubrik powers on apps for recovery, search, analytics, and test/dev. Deploy Rubrik on-prem via plug-and-play appliances or as software. Replicate your on-prem apps and data to Azure. Quickly spin up apps in Azure as a cost-effective DR solution or for test/dev. 

Goals & Objectives

This feature and functionality based lab will demonstrate the ease of use of starting your cloud journey.  As a result, you can unlock Azure for cost-effective long-term retention, disaster recovery, and application test and development. 

For a full featured performance testing POC or to see the value of a true data hub in action feel free to reach out to ATC Lab Service and the Global Engineering team. 

Hardware & Software

On-premises requirements:
•Hardware requirement – Rubrik r6408M 
•Software (license) Requirements

*Rubrik CDM and CloudOn/CloudOut are 2 different software licenses bundled together for RAMA (Rubrik Accelerator for Microsoft Azure).