Rubrik Disaster Recovery Validation Lab

Solution Overview

This ATC lab will demonstrate how Rubrik Cloud Data Management can be leveraged as part of a disaster preparedness plan. The lab provides a demonstration of how you can use Rubrik Live Mount technology to simulate a DR recovery of a multi-tier application and perform automated and/or manual tests against it. Additionally, you will see how powerful an API driven data management platform can be, with the ability to adapt to any environments needs and many use cases.

This lab should take 30-45 min to complete and is comprised of a small virtual data center environment with some sample virtual machines and a virtual Rubrik appliance that is protecting them and to provide instant recovery for testing.

Goals & Objectives

The following capabilities can be explored in this lab:

  • Rubrik Live Mount solutions
  • API driven recovery operations
  • Scripted recovery operations

Hardware & Software

Rubrik 5.2.0 Virtual Appliance

VMware ESXi 6.5 Hosts

VMware Virtual Center 6.5

Protected Applications:

  • MS SQL Server
  • MS Active Directory