ServiceNow + vRA 8.1: Multicloud Provisioning and Day-2 Actions

Solution Overview

This lab explores how cross-platform integrations enables multicloud self-service for end users. VMware offers a new take on ServiceNow's Service Portal, showcasing a custom portal that allows for easy provisioning and Day-2 actions of cloud resources.

In this lab, you'll have the ability to request and manage resources in the ATC's private cloud (vCenter) or across the public cloud (AWS or Azure).

Goals & Objectives

This on-demand lab provides a safe environment to evaluate the functionality of VMware's integration with ServiceNow. By the conclusion of this lab you will have done the following:

  • Familiarize yourself with VMware's Service Portal within ServiceNow.
  • Request and approve a Cloud deployment in either vCenter, AWS, or Azure.
  • Explore and perform Day-2 actions on your newly provisioned resource(s).
  • Share your deployment with another ServiceNow user.

Hardware & Software

  • ServiceNow (Orlando release)
  • vRealize Automation Enterprise
    • Service Broker
    • Cloud Assembly
    • Identity Manager
    • Lifecycle Manager
  • VMware vCenter
  • Infoblox