Test lab - Kurmi & YarnLabs Orchestration Experience Lab

Solution Overview

Simplify and automate Cisco CUCM provisioning and administration.


Managing Cisco call manager from the native interface is complex, time-consuming and requires a Cisco expert to perform the operations. For example, provisioning a new user or device on Cisco Unified Communications Suite can take between 15 minutes and 45 minutes.


Kurmi Unified Provisioning is designed to dramatically simplify the operations of Move, Add, Change and Delete (MACD). Provisioning, phones deployment and day-to-day administration on Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM) have never been easier.

Automation saves time and money and reduces the risk of human error. User provisioning on Cisco TOIP becomes fast, it takes less than a minute and one-click deprovisioning is even faster!

Yarnlab provides products that automate and simplify the migration to Cisco UC and the ongoing life cycle management of HCS.

Wrangler eliminates the error-prone and time-consuming migration activities and creates a low-risk automated migration process.

Testmate provides highly relevant test automation that covers dial plan, stress testing, post-change verification and system acceptance.

Goals & Objectives

This lab environment allows users to experience the Kurmi orchestration and YarnLabs testmate application utilizing the Cisco Collaboration solution. another link:

Lab participants will be able to configure, delete and setup new users, phones and extensions.  This will allow lab users to see how easy Kurmi can make collaboration orchestration in a simulated environment. Yarnlabs Testmate has been included so participants can see how automated testing can be utilized in their enterprise to identify issues within their environment.


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Hardware & Software

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