VMware NSX-T Virtual Lab

Solution Overview

Software-defined networking is the future of data center networking. NSX-T provides that framework. This on-demand lab will allow to explore the basics of NSX-T, with labs to help build out the environment by preparing your ESXi Hosts. Users can then explore both switching and routing configurations. There is a three tier application provisioned to assist in demonstrating the distributed firewall capabilities of NSX-T. 

Once you are complete with all the labs, feel free to explore the capabilities of NSX-T even further. It is the perfect environment to test how you configure a specific feature if needed. You may not be able to test all features but you will be able to configure the constructs. Don't hesitate to explore!

Goals & Objectives

The goal of this lab is to help familiarize you with VMware NSX-T constructs. In this lab you will learn how to:

  • Add a new vSphere distributed switch
  • Add a compute manager
  • Prepare compute and edge nodes
  • Configure logical switching
  • Configure logical routing
  • Configure distributed firewall

Hardware & Software

The current NSX-T virtual lab is based on NSX-T 3.1 in a completely virtual environment. Virtual routers are used to emulate Top of Rack L3 switches for BGP Peering.