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VMware vRealize 7.6 Lab

Solution Overview
VMWare vRealize Automation is a VMWare tool for cloud provisioning and the automated delivery of personalized services in complex systems including private and public cloud integrations.

VMWare vRealize Automation allows for end-to-end delivery of IT components, and as an enterprise tool for directing resources through systems, it helps to ensure accurate delivery of resources. VMWare vRealize Automation can also help with things like multi-vendor systems and reclamation.

Goals & Objectives

This lab designed provides a basic introduction to installing VMware vRealize Automation  (vRA) Suite 7.6.

Your objective is install vRA 7.6 with the basic building blocks of the IaaS/SQL Windows Server and vRA appliance already in place.  Once installed, you are able to look at all the capabilities and changes of vRA 7.6 in order to have a more hands on discovery.

In this lab, you will experience:
  • Basic understanding of vRA components
  • How vRA is installed
  • How all the parts in vRA work together
  • Have a Sandbox to look at all the vRA 7.6 functions

Hardware & Software

This lab is 100% virtual and includes the following components:
  • 3 x VMware vSphere 6.5 ESX Servers
  • 1 x VMware vSphere 6.5 vCenter Server
  • 1 x vRA 7.6 Appliance
  • 1 x Virtual freeNAS Storage Appliance
  • 1 x Windows RDP Jumpbox
  • 1 x Windows Web/SQL Server
  • 1 x VyOS Virtual Routers