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Basic Life Insurance and AD&D

Company paid Life Insurance is provided at 1.5 times your annual salary, up to a maximum of $500k per year. Accidental death and dismemberment coverage is also provided to all full time employees.

Long Term Disability

Long Term disability is provided as well to all full time employees. This policy will pay 60% of your average gross monthly earnings up to $10k per month (includes commissions, bonus and overtime). Qualifying payments begin after 90 days of disability. Average gross monthly earnings are calculated from the calendar year prior to the disability.

Voluntary Life Insurance

Voluntary Life Insurance is available through Cigna at group rates for additional employee, spouse and child coverage and elections can be made at anytime throughout the year. Costs vary based on age and amounts. These policies are portable and convertible. If you are currently enrolled, you may increase your amount in the increments below and up to the guaranteed amount during Open Enrollment. 

Note: This is a true Open Enrollment year for Voluntary Life Insurance and you may enroll in these guaranteed amounts without completing Evidence of Insurability for approval.

Employee: Up to $300,000           

Spouse: Up to $50,000                    

Children: Up to $10,000

If you would like to elect more than the guaranteed amount, then you will be required to submit health documentation to Cigna. This form will be sent to your home address by early December. If you currently do not have life insurance you may select any amount, but you will be requested to submit health documentation to Cigna to be approved for the selected amount.

**If you and your spouse work at WWT, our policy does not allow you to add spousal voluntary life coverage.

Please see the VTL Rates and Summary document for more information.

Visit Vantage > Benefits > View Forms for additional details on the Life Insurance Plan.

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Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment runs November 2nd through November 13th.