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Are you just moving a bottleneck in your VSAN Solution?

One of our customers asked us to do a Proof of Concept (or POC) around some very customized performance based testing around vSAN technology. That being said, this ATC Insight gets into the weeds of benchmarking, so prepare yourself for a fun ride!
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iSCSI Storage on Cisco HyperFlex

The next release of Cisco HyperFlex Data Platform will introduce iSCSI block storage to complement the existing NFS file protocol that customers have grown to love. Block storage will enable customers to run clustered workloads with shared disks that currently cannot be hosted on HyperFlex. We were able to test a beta release of the software 4.5(1a) at the ATC for functionality and usability. Additionally, we want to give you an early look at enabling iSCSI and creating storage objects! Starting the beta installation, we expect the setup of iSCSI to be simple and straight forward. Since iSCSI is configured on a cluster after the cluster is operational, setup is streamlined and can be performed from HyperFlex Connect. We take you through a step-by-step process of our configuration and testing. If you would like to see these details click on the ATC Insight Section. **Note that UI and command-line options may change with the release of the final product (currently scheduled for late December 2020).
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Cisco Unified Communications Manager Enhanced Upgrade in 12.5

Is it time to plan for an upgrade again? Cisco has announced that the timeframe between major and minor version releases of their Cisco Unified Communication Management (CUCM) application is accelerating. The accelerated time and frequency level of upgrades is pushing businesses to have robust, validated, and "ease of use" processes to perform upgrades. We had a global financial customer request we build a lab environment in the Advanced Technology Center (ATC) to help them perform testing on the software upgrade process for their multiple CUCM clusters.
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Video Cisco SD-WAN

Cisco SD-WAN Module 1 - Working with Cisco SD-WAN Templates

Welcome to the WWT Cisco SD-WAN solution video series. In this video series, WWT Technical Solutions Architect Steve Hollar details how to configure, troubleshoot and maintain the Cisco SD-WAN solution. There are seven videos in this series that can be used for self education or to walk through different tasks in the Cisco SD-WAN hands-on lab