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Accelerate mobile edge computing deployments at scale with certified infrastructures that are ready to monetize.

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WWT and MobiledgeX formalized a partnership to accelerate the commercialization of scalable mobile edge computing (MEC) deployments at Mobile World Congress Barcelona in 2019. 

Our validated edge architectures are designed to create new 5G revenue streams for service providers by delivering industry vertical applications to customers via their mobile edge computing platform.

  • Optimized edge architectures
  • Industry-tailored solutions
  • Simplified global deployment


Optimized blueprints to accelerate time to revenue

WWT's partnership with MobiledgeX allows service providers to commercialize scalable mobile edge computing deployments via validated blueprints that make edge infrastructure widely accessible and easy to use for third-party software vendors. The blueprints are standardized using leading-OEM-defined compute, storage and network architectures both physical and virtual, and come equipped with an optimized and validated version of MobiledgeX software.

We realize few service providers are interested in utilizing "off the shelf" solutions and will require a level of customization that best meets their needs to deliver business outcomes. Our blueprints can jumpstart service providers' edge computing deployment strategy by getting them all the way to the finish line. To cross it, we collaborate with operators to develop unique edge solutions that utilize the blueprint foundation to more quickly go to market.

VMware vCloud NFV

Cisco VIM

HPE Edgeline EL8000

Ready to harness the power of the edge?

Demand for MEC is expected to grow for a wide range of applications as the increased bandwidth and decreased latency of 5G enables more data to be processed at the edge of a network rather than in the cloud.

Organizations can leverage the partnership between WWT and MobiledgeX to deliver 5G-based services via applications running on MEC platforms and consumed by hardware and software deployed on customer-premise equipment (CPE).

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How we make global deployments easy

WWT's Next-Generation Factory Model enables service providers to accelerate time to revenue by validating complex, multi-vendor solutions with speed in our Advanced Technology Center, then integrating them at scale in one of our global integration facilities.

Advanced Technology Center

24/7 virtual access to on-demand labs, product comparisons, POCs and more.

Global Integration and Supply Chain

Over 4 million square feet of integration and supply chain space spread over three continents.

Professional Services

Systematically advance your journey to digital transformation.

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Innovation is vital for service providers to play a key role in the 5G economy, especially as they are under pressure to move quickly while limiting costs. 5G deployments require scale and low latency to provide cost savings and fast speeds, and mobile edge computing serves as a key piece in delivering that. Learn more about how WWT's partnership with MobiledgeX is transforming the way operators deploy edge solutions at scale. Contents include: 

  • Diversity and Community
  • 5G Enablement
  • Digital Transformation
  • Innovation Platform: ATC
  • Global Integration and Deployment
  • Mobility RAN
  • SD-WAN
  • Security
  • Edge Ecosystem
  • Edge Blueprints
  • Edge Applications


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