CRN UK: Unless you have been hiding under a rock since March, it has been fairly obvious that the world has changed significantly thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. But it is also a time when technology has come into its own. It has literally saved lives and livelihoods. Almost overnight, millions of employees were suddenly forced to work from home, and their employers had to implement sweeping changes to their working methods to make remote working a viable option for their business.

Component producing factories in China closed, causing massive shortages, and the industry fought valiantly to keep up with demand, with many channel companies working day and night to ensure their clients could keep up and running. 

Technology was crucial in the fight against Coronavirus itself, whether this was tablets used for relatives to say goodbye to loved ones, or communicate with friends and family, or for medical teams around the world to share data and treatment updates with their colleagues as they battled to beat the virus.

Join WWT's Bob Olwig, along with other industry experts as they discuss 2020: THE YEAR TECH CHANGED THE WORLD.
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