4 Ways To Grow A Positive Company Culture With Your Remote Team

The right technology tools and strategies can make a big difference

April 22, 2020 50 second read

by Joe Berger for HR.com

For years, companies have seen the rise of the remote workers. Until recently, this trend has mostly been considered in terms of workplace culture and generational preferences. For instance, millennials and Generation Z prioritize the ability to work from home far greater than their baby boomer peers. However, employers’ recent responses to the coronavirus show that remote work is now as much a business-continuity factor as it is a cultural factor. Any knowledge worker — regardless of age, work-life preference or company position — must be able to do his or her job from home successfully.  In recent weeks, HR leaders have heeded the call to help their companies rapidly shift groups of knowledge workers to remote work.  Now, as companies adapt to this new dispersed environment, HR has a unique opportunity to define the ways in which businesses can leverage technology to ensure cultural continuity.

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