by Noah Rosenberg 

Today's QSRs are faced with so many challenges - it's no longer enough to just deliver great food at a great price with great service. Digital challengers, delivery services, greater adoption of mobile and the challenges posed by Covid-19 have rocked the entire industry.

The top performers in QSR have overcome these challenges and even grown by partnering with the right technology and strategy platforms. 

Modern QSRs are using new techniques to increase repeat visits, convert deal-seekers into loyalists and encourage upmenu exploration – all contributing to an increase in single-store sales volume while minimizing promotional margin contribution loss.

Collectively these tools and tactics combine to create a strategy called product intelligence: 

  • getting real time insight into operational performance across digital and in store
  • mapping that performance to the actions and behaviors of their customers to identify the highest performing customer segments
  • bringing it all together to enable rapid, confident decision making that increases profit and volume
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