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Industrializing the Cisco Media Partner Ecosystem

WWT Vice President GSP, Media and Entertainment, Kraig Ecker, comments on a unified focus on the media & entertainment industry.

Posted by Cisco on April 4, 2018:

For several years we have been tracking the progress we have made in the Media and Broadcast industry. The rapid move to IP, the cloud based workflows and the business model challenges that surround our end customers. It’s a wild ride, with lots of change. As a guy from Oklahoma City, I like the Wild West, but not everyone does and it comes with significant challenges for the industry, our customers and the vast partner ecosystem that Cisco has today. This complex media industry and the nature of our media partner ecosystem, one filled with new partnerships, legacy partnerships and continued innovation for Cisco is one that we continue to believe in.

Now we enter the next phase of the strategy and what we call the “industrialization” of a partners media industry practice, whereby we have the legacy Cisco Channel partners building industry expertise to help our ISV partners tackle this market together. Great to see these two different types of partners come together, but not without its challenges. This has required deep inspection of the business, skill sets reviewed, technology reviews, programs, training and much more. I am pleased to say that many partners including WWT, Diversified, Presidio and Videlio have done just that. They have realized that they, in partnership with Cisco have a great role to play as a trusted provider of technology. An example is summed up in this quote:

“World Wide Technology is a leading global technology solutions provider.  In partnership with Cisco, we have made a strategic commitment to the Media & entertainment industry.  WWT has put a Media-focused team in place and is building out innovative and game changing customer solutions in our Advanced Technology Center, inclusive of Cisco’s IP Fabric for Media Training and Media Authorization Program.”

-Kraig Ecker, WWT Vice President Global Service Provider, Media & Entertainment.

Pretty powerful quote folks!

So how do we take that “realization” of opportunity and put it into action?

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