by Dylan Martin

Nvidia is expanding its partnership with VMware and integrating its Nvidia NGC software hub with VMware vSphere, Cloud Foundation and Tanzu, giving virtualization users faster and better ways to deploy GPU-accelerated AI applications in existing hybrid cloud environments.

The two companies announced the expanded partnership Tuesday at VMworld 2020, saying that VMware's new Project Monterey, a new kind of hybrid cloud architecture, can take advantage of Nvidia's SmartNIC data processing units to deliver purpose-built performance for AI, machine learning, high-throughput and data-hungry applications.

Matthew DuBell, a consulting solutions architect for the Business and Analytics Advisors group at World Wide Technology, a top Nvidia and VMware partner in St. Louis, Mo., said the upcoming NGC integration into VMware's platforms will make implementation of AI applications easier for organizations, particularly those with stricter protocols or those who lack open-source talent.

"I think in the AI space, the one thing we haven't seen is a lot of people come out with an at-scale machine learning or AI platform," he said. "A lot of times we say AI Ops, we're talking more about IT service, understanding their performance, their infrastructure. Whereas if I'm a developer, how do I go from wild-west development to QA to at-scale production seamlessly? The more that's integrated, the better that is for those developers."

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