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Forbes Insights: How Data is Transforming the Way We Work | WWT's Brent Collins weighs in

by Jason Compton

The way the world works is being rewritten on a daily basis. So too are the ways the world works with data. The dramatic increase in work-from-home mandates means that applications are putting greater load on data resources at unpredictable hours of the day. Leaders who relied on the informal data collected by visiting cubicles and holding in-person standups are now learning new ways to manage and communicate. And teams are being tasked with providing not just affordable business sustainability but also accelerated delivery of new business initiatives that have suddenly been pushed to top priority.

Innovations in data architecture are supporting and even future-proofing the rapid pivots of today’s work world. But they’re also raising questions about adopting flexible data solutions, using digital transformation to reach strategic goals and investing in infrastructure for the long term. We spoke with leaders and transformation experts (like WWT's Brent Collins) to dissect these pressing issues about our new realities.


As companies navigate major disruptions, flexible data solutions have been critical. How have they helped companies transition to a remote workforce and manage changing technology needs?





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