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TeleCom Reseller Podcast: WWT and Mobile Edge Computing

WWT provides 4G/5G consultative services to carriers assisting in their Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) implementation and delivery of integrated enterprise edge solutions

by Don Witt, Telecom Reseller

Keeping the data at the edge, where it is being created or being used by autonomous cars, gaming, farming, manufacturing or other 21st century activity, is critical to the success of both the carrier and their customers.

Integrating 5G into the current carrier’s infrastructure can be daunting when challenged with the task for the first time. Dan Graham, Global Product Leader of Mobile Edge Computing with WWT tells Don Witt, of The Channel Daily news, a TR publication, how he looks forward to every new 5G opportunity. It allows the WWT team to demonstrate their experience and expertise in this area.  Dan goes on to indicate that 5G is not a single technology, but a set of technologies deployed in unison, making integration and delivery paramount.

Listen to Don Witt's interview with Dan Graham

At WWT, they use a proven and innovative approach to help their customers discover, evaluate, architect and implement advanced technology lab testing in their Advanced Technology Center and deploy their solutions rapidly through their global integration centers. But what truly sets them apart is their extraordinary team of highly certified professionals, everyone committed to their customers’ long-term goals and success.

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