by Amit Roy Choudhury

As CEO and co-founder of the US$13 billion World Wide Technology (WWT), Jim Kavanaugh has come a long way in life, having grown up as the son of a bricklayer in St Louis, on the banks of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers in the United States. The tech leader - who used to be a professional soccer player - now has a net worth of around US$2 billion.

He still lives in St Louis as the company, which has a global presence, is headquartered in the city that is better known for baseball, beer and its famous arch. St Louis' craze for baseball stands in stark contrast to Mr Kavanaugh's own passion - football or soccer as it is called in the US. He was a member of the US national soccer team during his playing days. The WWT CEO believes that his love for and lessons from the game played an important part in shaping the person he is today; more on that later.

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