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Tips | To be cybersecure and not productive, or vice versa? There is no question …

Actually, businesses can enjoy both high staff productivity and WFH security. Here are some tips to achieve this balance…

By CybersecAsia editors

Remote-working had already been a rising trend in recent years, but no one could have predicted that an event like the COVID-19 pandemic would cause entire companies to move to the digital workplace overnight.

As companies continue to refine their business continuity plans, cybersecurity has weighed heavy on the minds of business leaders as well. Yet, the technical challenges of securing a remote workforce amidst heightened cyberattacks can impact staff efficiency.

How do business leaders balance to provide a positive end-user experience while maintaining their corporation’s security posture and ensuring data privacy with their remote workforce? According to Chris Konrad, Director of Global Financial Security at technology consultancy World Wide Technology, there are three major areas to consider for a secure and scalable access solution to optimize the digital workplace. Here are his views and digital workplace recommendations:

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