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Verizon advances 5G network and cyber security

Understanding the criticality of both the confidentiality and integrity of data, Verizon is working with Guardtime and WWT to provide near real-time, non-repudiated evidence of tampering in a machine’s state while also providing meaningful reductions in time between a machine’s compromise and its detection.


NEW YORK, NY — Sept. 03, 2020 — Verizon’s Network Security engineers recently engaged in a series of successful trials to future-proof its 5G network against security threats and advance security measures to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of Verizon’s 5G network.

The advent of 5G wireless communications constitutes a new era of network connectivity that will revolutionize many aspects of commerce and our personal lives. Along with new technology comes the need for new security measures. Verizon is focused on protecting against threats to customers’ security and ensuring the reliability and resilience of communications services against all manner of hazards, including cyber threats.

“As the design and deployment of networks becomes more complicated and the capabilities of networks allow for much more robust systems, securing those networks is the highest priority,” said Srini Kalapala, Vice President of Network Planning for Verizon.  “Not only has our network team built our 5G network with industry-leading security, but our team is anticipating and planning for future security issues to protect our network and mitigate risks today and in the future.”

Advancing the future of 5G security

While Verizon boasts a highly secure 5G network presently, Verizon engineers are continuing to drive innovation and leadership in the area of cyber security, knowing that threats evolve nearly as quickly as new technology is introduced. To that end, Verizon engineers and partners are advancing the following initiatives:

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