Accelerating the utilization and consumption of Enterprise Agreements

Onboarding & Integration

WWT's Onboarding & Integration team increases the awareness, adoption and utilization of Enterprise Agreements (EA) across all aspects of your software investment.

We start by understanding your environment, future vision and planned objectives. Then our experts work with you to develop a Customer Success Roadmap to track and deliver against your specific training goals, needs and priorities.

  • Accelerate your ability to stand up and integrate newly acquired software and licensing into your environment
  • Quickly identify what long-term success means for each EA
  • Fully understand the entitlements, capabilities, and terms and conditions of your licensing agreements
  • Develop and realize your EA journey with a roadmap that details where and how WWT will help you achieve your goals
  • Educate end users and stakeholders to operate and manage new software with confidence
  • Onboard new hires faster with evergreen EA training deliverables

What We Do

Develop a Foundation for Success

WWT's EA+ methodology provides you with tools, provisioning resources, reporting capabilities, internal quote support and maintenance optimization techniques. The onboarding process covers core topics related to consumption success. It also identifies and supports custom requests. This creates a solid foundation as you move into the Customer Success framework of EA+.

What We Do

Streamline Onboarding & Integration

Our onboarding and integration process increases the awareness, adoption and overall use of your EA. Successful software outcomes are tied directly to a clear and concise understanding of the fundamental features and capabilities available for utilization for each consumption program and software license. Our experts build this knowledge base in a collaborative ideation session that helps define your current environment, future vision and key objectives. This proven process lets us design a strategic plan to maximize feature utilization over the term of your agreement.

Plan for Success

Our Customer Success Roadmap is tailored to your goals, priorities and need for lab servicesadoption activities and EA+ management. Long-term success requires in-depth planning and focused conversations with stakeholders to align internal initiatives to business goals and strategy. For these conversations to be fruitful, your stakeholders must be aware of the issues that can hinder your ability to extract full value from an EA. Our experts provide education across all components of an EA to help your teams overcome any hurdles they might encounter.

How We Help

Onboarding & Integration Workshop: We start with an ideation session and moderated discussion to fully understand your current environment, future vision and business objectives. Our experts then chart a custom course to maximize feature adoption and utilization over the term of your agreement.

Customer Success Roadmap: The main deliverable from the Onboarding & Integration Workshop is the Customer Success Roadmap. This customized document outlines your needs, goals and priorities, as well as provides you with a clear adoption strategy and plan to achieve success. Your roadmap also includes a portfolio that captures important kickoff details such as agenda, attendees, WWT contacts, key callouts, and any other particulars needed to streamline interaction with your EA.

Integration Plan: EAs are complex legal contracts. WWT is one of the few solution providers that will help you make sense of these moving parts with an Integration Plan. This operational guide to your licensing agreement contains all relevant terms, conditions, licensing and support information.

Operational Training: Our experts make sure your license administrators have the information they need to use and interact with your EA licenses and entitlements within the licensing portal. This includes training on navigation, orders of operation and best practices.

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