Partner Spotlight: Tanium

Tanium & WWT

Providing Solutions for Unprecedented Speed, Visibility and IT Operations

Since becoming partners in 2014, WWT has grown to become one of Tanium's largest and most strategic partners across multiple industries.

Together we provide customers with an innovative platform to help strengthen their security posture and meet IT operational goals with unprecedented speed and agility. 

Leveraging innovative lab services, migration tools, a robust security practice and our application development expertise, WWT helps our customers realize how Tanium fits into their existing IT architecture to deliver business value far exceeding their expectations.

Together, we’ve deployed and supported the largest Tanium installation in the world supporting millions of end-points.

Enabling teams to think differently about solving critical security and IT problems in their organizations, WWT has created several reference architectures and multi-vendor integrations to help customers quickly deploy and optimize their Tanium deployments. Complementary partnerships include Splunk, Palo Alto, Microsoft and ServiceNow.

Tanium in the ATC

WWT’s Tanium labs in the Advanced Technology Center (ATC) allow our customers to explore, evaluate and address real-world challenges they are facing in their environments. 

To learn more about our Tanium capabilities, speak with an expert or to take advantage of what we have in our labs, please complete our Contact Us form.

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