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IT Infrastructure Services

IT Infrastructure Services SD-WAN

SD-WAN Reference Implementation - Viptela

WWT’s Cisco SD-WAN service offering delivers and provides solutions to organizational processes increasing business requirements with the need for a hybrid WAN architecture; a highly scalable and flexible bandwidth utilization solution without compromising performance or security. Cisco's SD-WAN solution (also known as Viptela) is a true SD-WAN solution designed as a whole solution, meaning all components were design from the ground up for this purpose and to work with each other effectively. This transport-independent fabric provides a full separation between control and data planes, allowing orchestrated policy to be applied across the network.


Article DevOps

DevOps Disambiguation: The Journey of Software-Based Services

Acronyms can be incredibly useful - they save us time and reduce lengthy technical phrases to a simple collection of letters that are quicker to say and write. However, the use of new and increasingly complicated technical terms in day-to-day conversations can quickly become confusing.



DevNet Study Group

DevNet Study Group
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Multicloud Briefing

A multicloud architecture is the aggregation of optimized private data center, private cloud, edge computing and public cloud(s). The goal of a well-established multicloud strategy is to support an organization's business drivers, including net-new revenue generation, cost reduction and speed to market. WWT has a deep understanding of all the above components and how they logically come together to transform an organization. We have consultative expertise to align, integrate and accelerate our customer’s multicloud strategy. These capabilities, combined with our world-class partnerships with traditional infrastructure OEMs, trusted partnership with Equinix and rapidly developing partnerships with AWS, Azure, GCP and ISV Marketplace OEMs, make WWT an unparalleled multicloud partner.
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Briefing Cisco

Cloud Calling Briefing

Cloud calling or UC as a Service (UCaaS) is a cloud-based technology that offers enterprise voice communication services via a third-party host. Migrating on-prem UC infrastructure to the cloud offers a number of advantages, such as carrier-class security, geo-redundant deployments, faster upgrade cycles, easy self-service and reduced maintenance costs. Cloud calling providers offer different levels of support service based on customer requirements. Cisco and WWT provide two options for Cloud calling; Webex Calling and UCM Cloud Calling. This briefing explores these solutions to help identify which solution has the capabilities best suited for an organization's unique needs.
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Article CloudCenter

Commanding the Cloud: Cisco CloudCenter

Why Cisco CloudCenter is perfect for hybrid IT strategies and how WWT can extend its capabilities with out-of-the-box integrations.
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