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Retail crime poses threat to retailers re-thinking in-store experience

Matt Sebek, VP of Digital at WWT, comments on the recent surge in retail crime as the industry continues to introduce digital initiatives.
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Article Application Development

Implementing Sockets and Making Your Application Real-Time

Making applications real-time is a common problem, even in popular tech stacks. This is a solution to ramp up quickly using Flask-SocketIO in an app that leverages Python server-side with a React client.
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Video CPMigrator

Simplify your organization's Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade with WWT's CPMigrator

In this video, Fred Armstrong demonstrates CPMigrator® from World Wide Technology (WWT). The first part of the video is an overview of our solution including past experience. The second part of the video demonstrates WWT's ability to automate Windows migrations and operating system (OS) deployment. CPMigrator® is a proven, portable, enterprise-class software solution that makes it easy for organizations of any size t migrate to Windows 10 independently without disrupting their workforce or operations.