Building a secure future

Security Engineering and Operations Services

As organizations introduce new business services and technology upgrades, they must address the increased cybersecurity risks that come with such advancements.

With so many cybersecurity tools, standards and programs flooding today's market, how do you know which ones will be most effective? You need a partner that can help you identify and protect what's most important to your business, defend against the known and unknown, and strategically manage your cybersecurity challenges. 


At WWT, we see cybersecurity as a business enabler -- a way to reduce risk, increase resilience and accelerate growth. Our team of security technologists, engineers and CISOs have decades of expertise across security products and services. We've helped executives and IT teams across industries build, implement and run security products and programs in highly complex environments.

  • Build business and technology resilience
  • Enhance risk management and cyber operations
  • Connect business goals and objectives to technical solutions
  • Mature security posture to prepare for known/unknown threats
  • Optimize investments to achieve more effective outcomes 
  • Assess tools & vendors for cyber operations
  • Plan, build and run enterprise-wide cybersecurity programs
  • Increase the value of technical and human resources
  • Reduce costs & increase efficiencies of security investments

What We Do

Our global cybersecurity consultants help you prepare for and respond to today's persistent and changing threat landscape. Through an advisory-first approach, we define, discover, create and deliver strategies that strengthen security posture and enable business outcomes. 

We start by understanding your existing teams and processes. Then we leverage the right technologies to build cyber resilience on a solid foundation of zero trust. We can help you assess and minimize risk, increase market trust, reduce costs, provide governance and implement the controls needed to protect your valuable data and assets.

How We Help

Identity & access management 

Identity and Access Management (IAM) ensures the right people and devices have the right access at the right time. These solutions reduce risk to data and systems by streamlining the authentication, authorization, automated provisioning/de-provisioning and access review process. Automation makes access decisions easier while providing cost and time savings. We have extensive experience providing access controls, identity governance, federation services and enabling security application access across hybrid environments.

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Our services

  • IAM assessments
  • IAM strategy creation
  • Lifecycle & governance management
  • Federation, single sign on and multi-factor authentication
  • Network access control
  • Privileged account management
  • Encryption
  • AI model security workshops

Network security & endpoint management 

Most IT organizations today lack visibility into end-user performance issues. They typically investigate only the performance issues users complain about -- a mere fraction of the total incidents that occur. As a result, end-user productivity suffers. When investigating performance issues, IT teams often resort to manual troubleshooting processes, which can fail to identify the root cause due to a lack of historical data from the time incidents occurred. We can steer your IT teams in the proper direction.

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Cloud security

Cloud security is a set of technologies and procedures used to protect cloud-based data, applications and infrastructure. These solutions deliver transparent visibility, policies and controls across the entire cloud attack surface, down to the virtual traffic layer. If your organization has assets in the cloud, they need the same protection you give on-premise assets. 

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Our services

  • Cloud security & orchestration 
  • Virtualization & container security
  • Advanced threat protection
  • Tools optimization
  • Multicloud (SaaS-IaaS)

Our services

  • SOAR workshops
  • Playbook creation
  • Increase visibility
  • SOAR development
  • Threat detection
  • Security automation


Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) technologies enable organizations to efficiently observe, understand, decide and act on security incidents from a single interface. SOAR is poised to revolutionize security operations, specifically the way security teams manage, analyze and respond to alerts and threats. Without some type of automation, security analysts end up manually dealing with a rising number of cyberattacks from increasingly sophisticated bad actors.

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Enterprise security segmentation

Enterprise segmentation, the act of dividing a network into zones to better defend it, often starts as a security engagement and quickly evolves into a broader discussion about how the customer can move along their digital transformation journey. Enterprise segmentation touches nearly every aspect of the business, from data center infrastructure to remote access. 

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Our services

Our services

  • Attack area assessments
  • Data flow mapping across networks 
  • Architecture design to align business, IT and cybersecurity risks
  • Policy framework creation
  • Operational planning to monitor and manage networks

Zero Trust

Zero Trust is a means of successfully preventing cyberattacks. However, traditional security models and the pervasive concept of "all or nothing" has left companies hesitant to begin the Zero Trust journey. Fortunately, building a Zero Trust architecture is much simpler than it appears. Zero Trust is an augmentation of your existing architecture, it doesn't require a complete technology overhaul. It can be deployed iteratively while allowing you to take advantage of the tools and technologies you already have.

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Cyber advisory services

To learn how to mature your teams, processes and technologies to become cyber resilient in an increasingly digital world, check out our cybersecurity advisory services. 


Cybersecurity advisory services >



Cyber advisory services

Our People

Our Global Cybersecurity Practice is staffed by former CISOs, CIOs, security analysts, architects and engineers. They apply a consultative and architectural approach to help customers develop and execute projects that establish awareness, optimize defense capabilities, improve threat response, mitigate breaches and close compliance gaps.

Meet some of our Cybersecurity leaders


Geoff Hancock

Geoff Hancock, Global Director
Cybersecurity Engineering

As Global Director of Engineering for Cybersecurity, Geoff's primary responsibilities are oversight of the Engineering & Services team and to develop and execute customer engagement strategies, from sales enablement to program implementation including partner strategies and lab development. 

Before joining WWT, Geoff held roles as CISO, CTO and VP of Cyber Operations supporting government agencies and corporations across several sectors. Additionally, he has built/run several cybersecurity practices for large companies, including more than 30 Security Operations Centers over the last 15 years. He has expertise in SOC operations, Cyber Intelligence, Cyber Deception, Engineering and National Security. 

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Todd Neilson, Global Director
Security Consulting Services

Todd leads our Security Consulting Services team. He has been developing solutions for clients and partners in IT and cybersecurity for nearly 30 years. His prior work includes time at CA Technologies, IBM, Sprint, Nokia and several startups. He helped create the security degree program for Neumont University, and he has created and installed many Security Operation Centers and practices for Fortune 100 clients.

Todd is a CISSP #36052, with other certifications including CCNA, CCSA and CSE. He has a bachelor's degree in Business and a master's in Computer Information Systems. He also holds a technology patent and a number of trademarks on security risk management methodologies.

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Todd Neilson
Mike McGlynn

Mike McGlynn, VP and General Manager
Global Security Practice

As Vice President for Global Security, Mike leads a team of senior security advisors and architects to drive security technologies and services sales across WWT. He is responsible for overall security strategy, including sales enablement, vendor partnerships, technologies and architectures, security integration, innovation and services offerings. He is also active in the security VC community, both as an advisor and board director.

Prior to WWT, Mike spent more than 25 years at the National Security Agency (NSA) as a technical director and leader in the areas of software development, systems design and development, and crypto mathematics. He was a member of the Senior Executive Service (SES) and has received many honorary awards, including the Presidential Rank Award for Meritorious Executive Service, two Meritorious Civilian Service Awards, and the Deckert-Foster Excellence in SIGINT Engineering Award.

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