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Security Services

Today's bad actors are less concerned with disrupting part of your business. They'd prefer to take it out entirely.

To combat this new kind of adversary, organizations must adopt enterprise security programs that put the business first. That means aligning risk to C-level priorities and making security investments accordingly. 

When business, architecture and operations come together as part of an enterprise program, security teams can not only protect the business but also push it forward.

  • Demonstrate that cybersecurity can be a business enabler versus cost center
  • Align risk to business goals
  • Develop an agile security architecture that streamlines operations
  • Drive out underused security products from environments
  • Increase the value of technical and human resources
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiencies of security investments
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What We Do

Our security consultants, architects and engineers can build you an enterprise security program that defends against the most pressing risks facing your business. Our experts are experienced in security strategy, architecture and daily defense. They will work with you to make sure your investments further business goals, integrate into an architecture and mature your security posture.

How We Help


Successful cyber programs start with the business. Our security consultants bring together C-level stakeholders and CISOs to align risk to business priorities. Each organization is different. For some, data assurance might be most important. For others, it's governance and compliance. Once priorities are set, we assess your critical assets and recommend a strategy that closes the security gaps that pose the greatest risk to your business. 


Every organization should strive for an integrated security architecture based on business goals and operational needs. We help you build an architecture that uses nimble solutions and automation to combat today's sophisticated attacks. At the same time, we leverage your existing security investments while driving out overlapping point solutions from your environment. 


Security operations teams are under more stress as attacks grow in sophistication, velocity and the damage they inflict. We show teams how to efficiently mitigate and remediate daily threats. Using automation, orchestration, playbooks, threat intelligence and other techniques, security operations can move from reactively responding to threats to proactively stopping them.

Our People

Our Global Cybersecurity Practice is staffed by former CISOs, CIOs, security analysts, architects and engineers. They apply a consultative and architectural approach to help customers develop and execute holistic cyber programs.

Meet some of our cybersecurity leaders

Mike McGlynn

Mike McGlynn, VP and General Manager
Global Security Practice

As Vice President for Global Security, Mike leads a team of senior security advisors and architects to drive security technologies and services sales across WWT. Prior to WWT, Mike spent more than 25 years at the National Security Agency (NSA) as a technical director and leader in the areas of software development, systems design and development, and crypto mathematics. He was a member of the Senior Executive Service (SES) and has received many honorary awards, including the Presidential Rank Award for Meritorious Executive Service, two Meritorious Civilian Service Awards and the Deckert-Foster Excellence in SIGINT Engineering Award.

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Todd Neilson, Global Director
Security Consulting Services

Todd leads our Security Consulting Services team. He has been developing solutions for clients and partners in IT and cybersecurity for nearly 30 years. His prior work includes time at CA Technologies, IBM, Sprint, Nokia and several startups.  He has created and installed many Security Operation Centers and practices for Fortune 100 clients. Todd holds a technology patent and a number of trademarks on security risk management methodologies.

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Todd Neilson
Geoff Hancock

Geoff Hancock, Global Director
Cybersecurity Engineering

As Global Director of Engineering for Cybersecurity, Geoff's primary responsibilities are oversight of the Engineering and Services team and developing and executing customer engagement strategies. Before joining WWT, Geoff held roles as CISO, CTO and VP of Cyber Operations supporting government agencies and corporations across several sectors. Geoff built and ran several cybersecurity practices for large companies, including more than 30 Security Operations Centers over the last 15 years. He has expertise in SOC operations, Cyber Intelligence, Cyber Deception, Engineering and National Security. 

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