Service Provider Mobility and Mobile Edge Computing


Service providers must monetize 5G infrastructure investments while driving costs out of their business models. 

Our ability to accelerate time to revenue by quickly validating complex multi-vendor solutions before integrating them at scale enables operators capture the opportunity to be first to market, drive new revenue streams and create economies of scale.



5 Steps to Monetize 5G

Edge computing will usher in a wave of next-gen applications that will utilize the low latency and higher bandwidth promised by 5G, creating new revenue streams for services providers -- but only if they have the infrastructure in place to deliver them.


Open RAN: Forge a Path to 5G

Open RAN replaces legacy, single-vendor RAN solutions with a stable, scalable and 5G ready architecture. Our Open RAN blueprint, validated in WWT's Advanced Technology Center (ATC), is an end-to-end turnkey solution that accelerates operators' time to revenue while providing a rapid upgrade path to deliver secure 4G/5G services to business and residential customers.


Claim Your Stake at the Edge

Edge represents a $17 billion market opportunity for service providers. But it's what you do at the edge that matters. WWT research details a game plan service providers can use to become an authority in the enterprise edge computing space. The report includes: 

  • Drivers for edge by sector
  • Key use cases in critical industries
  • Challenges to edge adoption



Ready to Monetize Edge Architectures

Our validated edge architectures are designed to create new 5G revenue streams for service providers by delivering industry vertical applications to customers via their mobile edge computing platform.

  • Optimized edge architectures
  • Industry-tailored solutions
  • Simplified global deployment



Leverage Private LTE to Enable End Users

Carrier networks don't extend everywhere and some of the applications leveraging edge computing will be consumed by end users in buildings, factories or other customer-premise environments. Service providers can utilize private LTE to deliver fast, efficient and secure networks that are optimized for local services.

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