Simplify the Path to Hybrid Cloud with VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail

A software-defined data center (SDDC) helps IT increase agility, improve consistency, minimize risk and reduce costs. VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) on Dell EMC's VxRail provides all these benefits while delivering a simplified path to hybrid cloud with full-stack integration. Explore below to learn more.


Why You Should Consider a Single-Vendor Approach for Your SDDC

Many organizations hesitate to rely on a single vendor due to fear of vendor lock-in. This article explores the advantages of this approach when implementing an SDDC.

Why You Should Consider a Single-Vendor Approach for Your SDDC

Experience Dell Tech Cloud in our ATC

As one of Dell Technologies' and VMware's top partners, WWT can help you every step of the way in implementing your SDDC or full private cloud. Gain first-hand experience with technology solutions in our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) by launching or requesting a lab with our experts today. 

VMware Cloud Foundation Lab

SDDC Manager Overview Lab

Dell EMC VxRail Lab

Learn the fundamentals of VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF), including its benefits and technology components, to understand how VCF can impact your organization. 

Get familiar with VMware Cloud Foundation. Read article

Learn about six common challenges and misconceptions — and how to address them — that typically arise when organizations implement an SDDC.

Prepare for a successful implementation. Read article 

Software-Defined Data Center Workshop

This one-day class is designed to help IT leadership, architects and engineering teams understand SDDC and how it enables a proper cloud operations strategy. Our experts help organizations evaluate solutions, including VMware Cloud Foundation, to determine the best option for their needs and environment. 

Software-Defined Data Center Workshop

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Accelerate Time to Value With WWT and Dell’s Integrated Solutions Deployment

This white paper explores the value of a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), specifically a VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail architecture, which is available in the Advanced Technology Center (ATC). Co-contributors include Arvind Thapar, Dell Technologies CTO - WWT, and Doug Westhoff, Dell Technologies Channel Engineer.
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Primer Series: Software-Defined Data Center

This article is part of the WWT Primer Series, a collection of content focused on the fundamental understanding of complex technologies and solutions.