Supplier Management and Quality

Supplier Management

World Wide Technology holds our suppliers to high-performance standards throughout the relationship and performs routine Score Card and Business Reviews with key suppliers. Our goal is to ensure consistency, quality and excellent customer service along with accuracy of orders and delivery from our suppliers. Together with providing the best services and products to our customers, we require our suppliers to partner with us in building quality standards and providing high-quality products and services along with continuous improvement and innovation.

Supplier Scoring

Supplier Scoring will be measured through a Score Card focused on the following Key Performance Indicators ("KPIs")

Customer Service - Response time within a 2 to 4-hour time frame as determined by the Service Level Agreement.

Invoicing - Invoice accuracy and timeliness of invoices.  All invoices are to accurately match the corresponding Purchase Order(s).

Pricing - Accurate and matching the rate sheets detailed in the Statement of Work, Purchase Order or applicable Agreement.

Defects and Damage - Less than 5% defect or failure.

Product Replacement - Defective and damaged goods are replaced/resolved within five (5) business days unless otherwise stated in the Agreement.

Problem Resolution - 95% or greater satisfaction rating on problem resolution.

Warranty - Return/repair requests are covered by the manufacturers and/or supplier's warranty along with 95% or greater of warranty claims being approved.

Delivery - 95% or greater on-time delivery.

Accuracy of Delivery - 95% or greater of received deliveries match Purchase Orders.

Delivery Dates - Ability to provide a date for delivery.  95% participation in providing a commitment date as agreed upon by both the supplier and World Wide Technology.

Lead Time – Provide lead times for all goods/services purchased.

Processes - 95% average rating on Ease of Doing Business with Supplier on routine processes.

E-commerce - Supplier integration required or a plan of action to become integrated.

Contract - Executed Agreement in place between the Supplier and WWT.

Continuous Improvements - Regular meeting cadence and account reviews to improve doing business with WWT.

Supplier Quality

World Wide Technology is committed to the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction, utilizing a quality management system that is comprised of integrated processes around leadership, planning, support, operation, performance evaluation and improvement.  Please review the WWT Supplier Guidebook below for a detailed description of our expectations.

In addition, our suppliers are critical business partners and we count on them to meet the same high standards that we place on ourselves.  Therefore, we select and work with the best suppliers globally to ensure that the products and services provided to World Wide Technology and our customers meet or exceed expectations in accordance with our WWT Supplier Guidebook.

Please see the WWT Supplier Guidebook for details.