CrowdStrike Falcon OverWatch: Threat Hunting

August 21, 2020

Technology Overview

Falcon OverWatch is CrowdStrike’s managed threat hunting service, built on the CrowdStrike Falcon platform. OverWatch provides deep and continuous human analysis, 24/7, to relentlessly hunt for anomalous or novel attacker tradecraft that is designed to evade standard security technologies.

OverWatch is comprised of an elite team of cross-disciplinary specialists who harness the massive power of the CrowdStrike Threat Graph, enriched with CrowdStrike threat intelligence, to continuously hunt, investigate and advise on sophisticated threat activity in customer environments. Armed with cloud-scale telemetry and detailed tradecraft on more than 130 adversary groups, OverWatch provides unparalleled ability to see and stop the most advanced threats.

Key Benefits

  • See and stop hidden advanced attacks: The OverWatch team hunts relentlessly to see and stop the stealthiest sophisticated threats: the 1% of 1% of threats that blend in silently and lead to a breach if they remain undetected.
  • Achieve maximum effectiveness and efficiency: OverWatch delivers the best results by augmenting skilled analysts with the most advanced technology. CrowdStrike’s elite human experts use cloud-scale data, custom tools and up-to-the- minute threat intelligence to hunt with unprecedented speed and scale.
  • Gain a seamless extension of your team: As a core component of the Falcon platform, OverWatch delivers results for organizations of all sizes, operating as a seamless extension of your team — minimizing overhead, complexity and cost.

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