Intel Select Solutions

February 22, 2021

Technology Overview

We live in a world full of next-generation applications creating vast amounts of highly interconnected data, and the speed of technology is being accelerated in kind. Technology solutions are being developed at a breakneck pace to meet the needs of the marketplace, and their complexity is on the rise. 

Those solutions, applications and data add up to large competitive differentiators. As such, IT departments are facing pressure to deliver more in shorter timespans. This is a daunting task when one begins to consider the amount of research, design work and evaluation that is required to trust a solution can deliver a business-critical workload.

The Engineering teams at Intel understand this challenge and Intel® Select Solutions were developed to alleviate these pain points. Intel Select Solutions are designed to help accelerate infrastructure deployments for today’s high values workloads in advanced analytics, hybrid cloud, storage, networking and hyper-converged infrastructure. Each Intel Select Solution provides the IT professional with a bill of materials and solution brief that when combined is a reference architecture recipe for success. 

World Wide Technology has a number of Intel Select Solutions in the Advanced Technology Center that customers can leverage to validate a specific use case. Each solution is built on enterprise x86 compute platforms which include Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory, Intel® Optane™ SSDs and 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and can easily have components swapped out to match the specific bill of materials required for each unique use case. World Wide Technology is also participating in the upcoming launch of Intel's 3rd Generation Xeon Scalable processors! We are ready to support this new processor and all the solutions it will power on day one.

Examples of past customer engagements have included the following solutions:

For Global Service Providers, Intel Select Solutions for Network Transformation are ideal for use cases that lie beyond the traditional data center. Being able to quickly implement a verified configuration of infrastructure is a large advantage in this world of connected devices, and three solutions that World Wide Technology has evaluated for these customers include the following:

World Wide Technology engineers are currently working on building out environments that will have the ability to showcase new Intel Select Solutions that support the artificial intelligence and high performance computing industries. The three solutions the engineers are looking at are:

World Wide Technology encourages anyone looking to evaluate any one of the Intel Select Solutions to leverage the content and labs that have made available via WWT’s state of the art Platform.

Customers can access the physical environment via a web browser of their choice from anywhere in the world. Customers can also work with the WWT teams to build out the solutions before validating them or they can simply be granted access to a solution ready to be validated.

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