Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access

August 27, 2020

Technology Overview

An organization’s cloud transformation is changing the way that their users access applications, and this in turn is changing how security needs to be delivered. Multiple point products has been the standard approach, but they add cost and complexity and leave gaps in your security posture. Now there’s a better way – the secure access service edge (SASE). With the power of a SASE, both networking and security can be delivered from a single on-demand cloud service.

Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access enables and org to provide secure access to protect users and applications and control data from anywhere.

Prisma Access Solves these three important use cases for modern day orgs:

  • Consistent secure remote user access to the Internet.
  • Consistent secure access to applications.
  • Consistent secure branch to branch and data to data connectivity.

Prisma Access is designed to prevent successful cyberattacks, and that’s why it does more than just secure the web. To stop cyberattacks, it’s necessary to inspect all traffic. Anything short of full inspection of all traffic introduces a significant gap in security.

Prisma Access uses a common cloud-based infrastructure that delivers protection from over 100+ locations around the world in 76 countries. Customers manage their own security policies with their own dedicated cloud instances, which provides isolation of traffic for privacy.

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