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AppDynamics and WWT: A Partnership Founded in Innovation

WWT has been named the 2020 AppDynamics Partner of the Year for the Americas.

Partnership. That’s a word that carries a host of different meanings, all depending on your vantage point. In business, partnership is a term tossed around amongst engaged businesses with a simple ease. For me and my business, partnership means we struggle and thrive together. We run a business, together. This commitment is the core of innovation. 

WWT has been named the 2020 AppDynamics Partner of the Year for the Americas. 

For the last three years, WWT and AppDynamics have built a business from the ground up — as true partners. Together, we have forged a business that now thrives and leads the industry in AIOps advancement. I can attribute that success to a few key advantages (of which I’ll talk through, below.)

Invested early

We believed in the advantages that Cisco and AppDynamics could bring into the Application Performance Management industry. We knew that we could combine that innovation with WWT’s ability to take an Idea to Outcome and create a world-class organization, capable of delivering APM at enterprise scale. WWT invested in brilliant engineers, architects and business leaders that built capabilities and expertise, leading to one of the most advanced APM delivery organizations in the world — ahead of the pack.

The AIOps vision

Early in the nascent days of our APM practice, WWT began to understand that AppDynamics created a revolutionary level of application visibility. That visibility led to dramatic decreases in the time it took to find root cause and drastically reduced the cost to remediate problems. This level of impact created a groundswell of interest in reducing this cost across the network, the infrastructure and the cloud.

Again, WWT invested in that vision and backed the development of both an AIOps team and the technology to innovate an entirely new way of approaching AI-powered IT operations. Because of that partnership, vision and investment; WWT was able to partner with AppDynamics to create the WWT AIOps architecture — again redefining the way that AI could finally power the self-healing enterprise.

The WWT Advanced Technology Center

By utilizing the WWT Advanced Technology Center — a world class physical and virtual data center dedicated to advanced technology research and development — the WWT and AppDynamics partnership was able to bring vision to reality. WWT and AppDynamics partnered to create the first advanced AIOps enterprise architecture that encompassed application and network performance monitoring with infrastructure and cloud management, enabling AI-based resource allocation and wrapping the entire architecture in intelligent security management.

Partnership. It’s a meaningful word, but as a verb, it signifies what WWT and AppDynamics have created. This year it has culminated in WWT being named AppDynamics Partner of the Year and we couldn’t be prouder. To my AIOps team and AppDynamics, our leadership and our teams’ commitment to innovation, I say congratulations. Cheers to a real partnership and world class AIOps innovation.

Read the full AppDynamics blog announcement on the award and WWT.

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