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Cisco Says “Suite” But We Say “Sweet” With Tightly Coupled Capabilities

Cisco just announced a suite of new offerings, including AppDynamics Experience Journey Maps, Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer and Cisco HyperFlex Application Platform.

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Cisco says “suite” but we say “sweet,” given the way they are tightly coupling AppDynamics and Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer to deliver a more holistic view of applications that makes it simple for customers to monitor, diagnose and fix issues with applications through a single view. This holistic view ensures that both DevOps and traditional IT infrastructure teams stay on the same page and keep applications performing in their optimal state.

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Meet HyperFlex Application

This integrated experience is being launched with the new HyperFlex Application Platform, a sibling to the existing Cisco Container Platform. This container-as-a-service platform provides an easy way to deploy and manage Kubernetes across multicloud environments with a native Cisco KVM-based hypervisor.  

The integration of both AppDynamics and Intersight means that container-based applications, which tend to be more distributed in nature, now get real-time monitoring and optimization, similar to traditionally developed applications.

Now let's discuss the enhanced features being announced within the individual product lines.

Enhanced features

Cisco’s AppDynamics platform will now feature the Experience Journey Map. This is a self-learning, real-time feature that automatically displays the most important user experience journeys within mission-critical applications. These journeys configure out of the box and dynamically focus on both business metrics and application experience to give business and application teams a single correlated view across business performance, user experience and application performance.

Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer (CWOM) is a new functionality that will be available as an option with Cisco Intersight, continuously optimizing on-prem and cloud resources to ensure performance, compliance and cost objectives are achieved. 

The Intersight Workload Optimizer analytics engine matches real-time workload demand to the underlying infrastructure supply. It dynamically recommends and initiates the necessary automated actions, ensuring application performance. When Intersight Workload Optimizer is combined with AppDynamics, it enables a closed-loop operating model from application business logic to physical server components to provide and augmented user experience.

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We are partnered with Cisco to innovate with these integrated capabilities in our Advanced Technology Center (ATC). While we're testing and exploring every use case, make sure to follow our Application Performance Monitoring and AIOps topic and stay up to date on all of our Cisco offerings.