Automation & Orchestration AIOps With Application Performance Management
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Empower Your Remote IT Ops Teams: AIOps to the Rescue

Test drive Moogsoft's next-gen AIOps platform for yourself with our on-demand lab environment.

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The global shift to remote work caused by the current health crisis has forced IT ops pros to quickly adjust to maintain the uptime and stability of critical digital services. While having to telework, they’re also dealing with sudden, abrupt changes in traffic and usage on their infrastructure as staff, suppliers and customers connect from dispersed endpoints.

How can they effectively communicate and collaborate remotely, while managing the stress on their architectures and ensuring the stability and reliability of business critical applications? The answer lies in building a virtual NOC (network operating center) underpinned by AIOps — the application of artificial intelligence to IT operations.

Intrigued? You can now see for yourself a virtual NOC in action and create your own test instance in the new Moogsoft lab in our Advanced Technology Center (ATC). An AIOps leader and pioneer, Moogsoft helps its 150+ customers, including American Airlines, Verizon Media and Fiserv, automate incident management and prevent costly outages.

Built with 50 patented algorithms, the Moogsoft AIOps platform analyzes billions of events daily across the world’s most complex IT environments. As the virtual NOC era dawns, Moogsoft AIOps offers IT ops teams groundbreaking and unique AI and machine learning capabilities that enable remote collaboration and accelerate incident detection and resolution.

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Test drive in the ATC

With Moogsoft’s ATC lab, you’ll be able to test drive the platform and experience its comprehensive set of advanced algorithmic functions which automate and streamline key IT operations monitoring processes, including ingestion of data of all types and from all sources; noise reduction; alert correlation; root cause identification; and resolution automation.

Moogsoft AIOps also improves remote workflows, communication and collaboration with its unique Situation Room. In this virtual workspace, everyone involved in solving an incident assembles, sharing a “single pane” UI with all necessary data and context.

Check out how you can build a virtual NOC with Moogsoft AIOps, empowering your ops teams to provide continuous service assurance — whether they’re on site or working remotely.

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