Automation & Orchestration AIOps With Application Performance Management
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How Moogsoft and AppDynamics Power WWT’s Next-Gen AIOps Solution

Listen to our webinar “AIOps is the New IT Reality” and learn how AI can help you attain application assurance.

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Modern applications and their infrastructures are complex, dynamic and hyper modular, with scores of loosely coupled API components. They’re also critical to your business, making it imperative for enterprise IT Ops teams to ensure their reliability and performance.

Unfortunately, legacy, rules-based monitoring tools fall short at helping IT Ops teams attain application assurance. To detect, diagnose, and fix issues before customers are impacted, they need the power of AIOps.

To find out more about this transformative technology, listen to our on-demand webinar AIOps is the New IT Reality” with experts from World Wide Technology, Moogsoft and AppDynamics.

Topics discussed include:

  • What is AIOps, and how to evaluate AIOps offering
  • The importance of cutting MTTR to maximize application performance
  • The immediate, significant business value of application assurance
  • How AIOps detects and diagnoses unforeseen app problems in real time and at scale
  • How AI-based automation frees up IT Ops teams to do higher-value work

The speakers will explain and demonstrate how with the AIOps solution from WWT, Moogsoft and AppDynamics, you’ll prevent application outages and enjoy benefits including:

  • Lower TCO through early incident detection, quick engagement of stakeholders and precise discovery of problem causes
  • High ROI through optimal customer experience, brand reputation, and revenue growth
  • Productivity boost through fewer tickets and escalations, improved collaboration, efficient allocation of resources, and knowledge recycling

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The challenge

IT Ops and DevOps pros are overwhelmed by application monitoring data, and are drowning in alerts and tickets, yet they lack insights and context. By using a mishmash of siloed tools that don’t interoperate, they spend more time troubleshooting than doing innovative, strategic work. 

This scenario is unsustainable. IT Ops and DevOps teams must maintain visibility and control over CI/CD pipelines, and deploy software quickly and continuously, to keep business agile and flexible. Enter AIOps.

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The WWT solution

The WWT, Moogsoft, and AppDynamics solution is a turnkey solution, taking only minutes to set up to start delivering the next-gen capabilities of AIOps for application assurance.

Our eco-system includes the AppDynamics Central Nervous System, an AI-powered APM solution that delivers deep, cross-domain visibility and insights, and Moogsoft AIOps, a unified, collaborative, service assurance platform that automates and streamlines incident management end to end.

Through advanced, deep integration, this WWT solution meshes best-of-breed AIOps capabilities from AppDynamics and Moogsoft, so IT Ops teams can detect, diagnose and resolve application issues early, while using fewer resources.

By providing optimal uptime, and reliability of applications, the WWT AIOps solution delivers tangible and critical business benefits.

Listen to our webinar and find out all about this solution and how you can test drive it in our Advanced Technology Center’s Moogsoft Lab.