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A recent study by Infosys found that while 81 percent of companies in the mechanical engineering, automotive, processing, chemical, aerospace and electronics industries were aware of the value of predictive maintenance, only 17 percent have put it into practice.

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Prevent expensive downtime and improve product quality

Fortunately, WWT is working with manufacturers around the world to help them build the infrastructure that will help monitor, capture, analyze and visualize data. This data will lead to deeper insights that prevent costly equipment failures and downtime while improving both yield and quality of products. Data-driven insights help companies achieve the following:

  • Maximize equipment uptime by predicting mechanical failures
  • Minimize maintenance costs by servicing only when needed
  • Reduce product recalls, resulting in lower warranty costs and legal liabilities
  • Extend the useful life of capital equipment

And, with the right Intel® architecture-based solutions in place, companies are laying the groundwork for more advanced capabilities, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

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Guiding you on the right path

WWT experts are also helping companies build a strategy for long-term success, whether it is prioritizing technology upgrades, implementing mobile solutions for data capture and visualization or simply knowing where to start. WWT teams include manufacturing specialists as well as IT engineers who speak the language and know the industry inside and out, thereby gaining stakeholder buy-in from the top floor to the shop floor.

At our Advanced Technology Center (ATC), WWT is ready to facilitate the entire process to educate, demonstrate, design, build and deploy solutions using innovative technology from key partners and alliances such as Dell, EMC, Cisco, Belden and Rockwell Automation—all built on cutting-edge Intel® platforms for optimized performance on everything from devices to data centers.

We’re ready to work with you to increase productivity, optimize the supply chain, shorten development cycles and reduce costs using the advanced data analytics solutions that are available today.