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CMS and VQ Conference Manager Two Great Things That Go Great Together!

We have many customers that utilize our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) at WWT for different collaboration solutions. In this ATC Insight, we introduce you to an On-Demand Lab that we have available on the WWT Platform, which is built in the ATC today. This lab showcases the feature and functionality of the Cisco Meeting Server and VQ Conference Manager together. Users get to experience all these features and more in this self-guided full-featured lab on the WWT platform.

In This Insight

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ATC Insight

Cisco Meeting Server

CMS Login

So you ask what is Cisco Meeting Server? Does your business have Cisco Meeting Server? Cisco Meeting Server commonly referred to as CMS, is Cisco's on-premise video collaboration solution. In laymen's terms, think of CMS as your own dedicated WebEx video system.  Users can set up and join each other for audio and video conferences.  Users can collaborate and share their screens and documents.  CMS has been simplified in this release eliminating the desktop application.  All meetings are now done through your favorite web browser.

VQ Conference Manager

VQ Email Plugin

Have you heard about the VQ Conference Manager?  VQ Communication developed the Conference Manager to unleash the full potential of CMS.  VQ CM provides administrators with a single pane of glass management over CMS nodes and clusters.  The application can be customized to generate meeting analytics for better insights into how your CMS is best utilized.  VQ Conference Manager brings with it feature-rich management, analytics, and additional user-friendly features. Through VQ, users get the ability to schedule, email, and join messages with plug-ins for email and Cisco Jabber. VQ also gives meeting operators the ability to provide “white glove” service.  Operators can monitor, mute, and add/remove users from a meeting. With a VQ-enabled CMS, it is now possible to schedule and email users to an upcoming meeting. This was not possible with CMS alone.

What about those meetings that need the “white glove” touch?  VQ has you covered with operator features that allow you to mute, unmute, add or remove participants to name a few.

The CMS + VQ Lab

CMS and VQ Lab on WWT Platform

You can see all of these features and more by checking out our Cisco Meeting Server + VQ Conference Manager Lab.  Two great things that work great together!

Things covered in the Lab:

  • Introduction
  • Lab Components
  • Lab Diagram
  • Lab Licensing
  • WebApp Overview
  • Webapp Calling & Spaces
  • VQ Jabber & Outlook Plugins
  • VQ Management
  • Conclusion