ACI Design Training

8 hours
Learn how to leverage Cisco Nexus Switches to build a spine/leaf architecture using ACI, then see how to build a multi-tenant ACI environment to meet next-generation network demands.

What to Expect

Work with our engineers to design an ACI framework that incorporates the time-saving features of ACI, provides a platform for automation through programmability, and integrates the services that secure and enhance the delivery of your applications.

Goals & Objectives


Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) provides an automation-centric approach to deploying data center switching fabrics. During this workshop, our engineers will help you explore how ACI constructs are used to create an intent-based network that delivers the speed and agility required by your digital business initiatives.


During this workshop, WWT experts will discuss the following:

  • Overcoming the challenges of traditional data center design with ACI
  • Designing for performance using cloud-scale architectures
  • Leveraging automation with ACI
  • Policy model deployment use cases
  • Multiple data center considerations
  • Cloud integration
  • ACI migration strategies


WWT uses the cutting-edge resources of our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) to provide hands-on access to the latest ACI features. You'll have direct access to Cisco Nexus switching and as you collaborate with our engineers to evaluate designs that provide efficiency and scalability to you data center.


  • Improve Infrastructure Scalability and Flexibility
  • Support Operational Continuity
  • Enable Virtualization and Cloud Computing
  • Accelerate your Adoption of ACI
  • Provide a Platform for Application Delivery