Cisco Network Service Orchestrator (NSO) Training: Building a Basic Service Model

4 hours
This session is a follow up to the NSO Introductory Training Seminar. The NSO Introductory Training will get you familiar with YANG/Template service model creation. This seminar is intended to help administrators, engineers, architects and technical personnel to define and build a basic service model and understand the skills and techniques vital to NSO service modeling.

What to Expect

This session is gives you a step-by-step walk-through to build a template-based NSO service model. You will become familiar with the service modeling process and the skillset needed to build NSO service models. You will also be better prepared to take Cisco's NSO training.

  • A refresher on the NSO fundamentals from the first NSO workshop
  • Skills that will help you setup a design environment
  • Step-by-step build of a template-based service
  • Validating and troublshooting your service model
  • Other advanced topics (MANO, LSA, High Availability)

Goals & Objectives

This training session is a hands-on, intensive course. You must have completed the Network Service Orchestrator (NSO) Introductory Training to take this course. This course is intended for network engineers, developers, architects and other technical personnel. 

The agenda for the training is as follows:

  1. Review NSO Introductory Training: Review slides and key concepts, review lab.
  2. Setting up a design environment: installing/working with Samba, lab install of NSO.
  3. Designing a template-based service: Design process overview, YANG overview, working with XML.
  4. Troubleshooting and refining your service.