Cisco SD-WAN Overview Training

24 hours
The Cisco SD-WAN Training is structured as a hybrid workshop and is delivered by a technology specific subject matter expert in a workshop format, either virtually via the customer's preferred meeting application or onsite at the customer's location. The engagement combines an SME engagement, workshop, training and lab demo all in one interactive experience that focuses on learning a new technology, best practices and how it will fit into the customer's current environment.

What to Expect

The following items are included in this training: 

  • Demonstrating design strategies
  • Demonstrate flexibility and use cases of different design and migration changes
  • Execution concepts & whiteboarding
  • Automate, operate and secure concept walkthrough
  • Provision, validation and troubleshooting commands

Goals & Objectives

Our expert-led training workshops help you gain a better understanding of the Cisco SD-WAN technologies and solutions. Upon completion you'll have the working knowledge and skills to develop, deploy and maintain a solid SD-WAN infrastructure.


The following is a summary of the 3-day agenda, concepts and inclusions for the training:

Day 1

  • Design recommendations
  • Best practices
  • Branch
  • DC
  • Routing/topology
  • QoS/App Aware
  • Troubleshooting
  • Branch connectivity
  • DC connectivity
  • Topology
  • Application experience

Day 2

  • Lab examples – walk through
  • Challenge Lab
  • Security Lab

Day 3

  • Review existing customer design/customer SD-WAN deployment
  • Whiteboard existing/future SD-WAN Strategy
  • Customer request – relayed ahead of time
  • Other Q&A