Intel: Accelerate Your Data From Edge to Cloud


Intel’s acceleration solutions help you move, process and store your data faster and more efficiently. The Intel® Acceleration Stack for Intel Xeon® CPU with FPGAs, the premier software stack, simplifies the development flow and enables rapid deployment in your data center, field or network application.

Want to learn more about FGPA? Gain a fundamental understanding of the technology in this Primer Series article. Then dive deeper into some of the uses cases where FPGAs may be the better choice over GPUs and ASICs.

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In today's world, we generate and have access to a flood of data. As your business becomes more dependent upon data, the need to move, store and process large amounts of data faster and more efficiently becomes paramount. Intel FPGA's unique hardware reconfigurable technology can improve network and computer efficiency, lower cost, and accelerate the processing of data in a wide variety of applications, such as analytics and artificial intelligence, network and wireless communications, network security, and many more.

At Intel we're making it easier than ever for your organization to take advantage of this advanced technology by developing new products, such as Intel FPGA Programmable Acceleration Cards. Our Intel acceleration stack for Intel Xeon CPU with FPGAs and enabling Intel's vast ecosystem and partners. We want to make your organization run better, whether you need to deploy your solution in the field, network or data center, Intel can provide a wide range of solutions, including processors, network adapters, storage memory, and FPGAs.