ADVA ALM 16 Advance Link Monitoring Video Training - Part 3


In this third and final video of our three-part Adva ALM series we will simulate a fiber failure and utilize the fault analysis tool to troubleshoot and isolate the location of the break. Furthermore, we will mimic a poor repair on the fiber break and show how the ALM can be used to provide deeper details into resolving the issue.

Fiber infrastructure is one of the most important resources within an operators environment. These are the veins in which operators pump their communications within access, metro, and long haul applications. Active fiber monitoring is a vital piece of high bandwidth applications, and without it operators risk disruption and impact of customer services. Once operators invest in a proactive solution that measures the fiber plant that is the life line of the network, they can pin point faults and address the impacted services with the speed, efficiency, and ease needed. This decreases the repair time and avoids having excessive truck rolls. Until recently fiber testing technology was designed for reactive solutions, however proactive solutions often didn't meet the budget and simplicity for operators today. We now see an emerging active fiber monitoring solution in the Adva ALM to address the markets fundamental need.

WWT can help you to evaluate the Adva ALM through a series of fiber monitoring scenarios via our Advanced Technology Center (ATC).