Azure Automation Part 1: ARM Templates


This demonstration shows how you can get started with Azure Automation native tools. The larger video series showcases a fully automated solution that will provision and configure infrastructure running within the Azure Cloud Environment.

This demo will show how easy it is to deploy complex enterprise scale solutions using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates. With ARM Templates, we will:

  1. Provision Azure Resources that will host a Learn Management System (LMS) that leverages Virtual Machines (VM), GlusterFS File System Cluster, Azure Database (MySQL) and Azure Redis Cache;
  2. execute shell scripts through VM extensions to automate the downloading of software packages, configuring the necessary properties and launching the runtime binaries; and
  3. (with this automated deployment) see complex systems provisioned and made ready for operational management, providing a platform for trainers to begin administering and developing courseware.

The deployment is handled by defining a set of JSON ARM template files that includes all of the properties for the infrastructure. We will show you how to get started, the steps needed to deploy ARM templates and how robust the capabilities are with this Infrastructure as Code (IaC) service. 

ARM Templates provide a great solution when:

  • I need to deploy infrastructure in Azure and maintain a consistent deployment model that can be adopted by various Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Orchestration Solutions.
  • I want to maximize the Azure native solutions for codified infrastructure.